The Author

My interest in the subjects I write about started in high school with reading science fiction and studying the humanities and world religions. As an artist it was easy for me to express my impressions by etching in symbols and drawing fantastic creatures.

Application for a concentrated two-year experimental program in Tutorials in Letters and Sciences (UC Berkeley/Chabot College) required a lengthy thesis defending an argument. With the goal of being accepted into the program, I became a Christian Apologist, albeit a young, modern one.

This began a lifetime of study about the destiny of the individual soul, and regarding the mystery of the regeneration of the wondrous mind and body made in the image of God, with examination into the meaning of the end of time, or eschatology. When my physician husband made his journey in medical training my interest and regard grew alongside his ever-expanding specialty, and I found myself asking about the scientific ethicality of the new fields of biotechnology – the use of living systems and engineered foreign bits and pieces, and integrating those into our species. I became concerned that the union of the human and machine would become a blur, and this was at a time before I knew future human progeny would be different than the current, carrying on to other generations genetic manipulations.

All combined, this prompted me to write a fictional story, in the genre of Religious Speculative Fiction, and inspired from findings of a Judaica document in the Dead Sea Scrolls telling of a final war between “sons of darkness and sons of light.”

My story has turned out to be a series; The First and Last King books are all related but may be read independent of one another. Each is based on the model of logical extension in both scientific possibilities and prophetic probabilities. Please join me in this adventure into the future.