Book Overview

A Haven No Longer, Book III

This story gives opportunity to explore end-times beliefs, and, hopefully, to examine some of those previously accepted as fact. You might think such an inquest predictably boring, for over the centuries the Church has repeated unaltered doctrinal beliefs regarding eschatology. It has been at times a subject largely ignored, or left for theologians to debate. And throughout history the study has had little variation, so any different interpretation to that which has already been laid out might seem heretical.

But we are called out, for we are on the other side of this partition of Church history, awakening to what our departed brothers and sisters of this world were kept from viewing. It was all in God’s plan, but now there is a purpose for us to recognize the unveiling that has just begun. And the facts, as they now are discerned, must be identified and communicated.

And it may seem surreal to view Biblical verses regarding our future, of which there are hundreds, with our highly technical and scientific world announcements. We may see there is not much difference in this juxtaposition. MIT’s Cheetah robot, and many other advanced robots, such as the Atlas humanoid of Boston Dynamics, are of varying appearance and are partially autonomous. “We developed the first robots that ran and maneuvered like animals,” a web quote from Boston Dynamics states. “And the shapes of the locusts are like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men.” Revelation 9:7.

What about moving sacred scriptural accounts from ancient realms of geography and human history into our vision of magnification with clarity and comprehension? Is there proof to substantiate the use of the Islamic prophet’s favorite color with that of the green alien from an unknown dimension, as portrayed in this work of Christian speculative fiction?


Other Books

Paradox, the Norm, Book II

We are pressing beyond the range of human information at blazing speed, and in so doing, we are entering a realm we’re quite unprepared for. When this book’s essayist announces a celestial being from a different dominion has arrived to equip us with permission to eat of the fruit, allowing us to become all-knowledgeable, and to offer immortality, everyone is eager, of course. “The extraterrestrial alien values the spirit nature as much as we value our flesh, and he prizes each, for he transcends knowledge of those entities,” a character gushes. But we shall lose command of our individual freedoms if we forfeit our wits to another, because intelligence is more than gathering lots of data. Filtering information takes time and work to transform into wisdom. The race to control artificial intelligence has made each person a database for a search engine, and our species has mixed with machine. We’ve become unknowingly programmed without an ethical compass while some in charge have questionable motives and are involved in moral turpitude. The result? As one character laments, “We must break the very laws that make us civil.”


Elizeum Striving, Book I

Elizeum Striving is about human love, not necessarily the romantic kind. Specifically, it is of God’s love for the human, made in His image.

That identity is purposefully changing. We’re experiencing a shift of the medical paradigm away from our natural world. By the end of this century our species will hardly be recognizable. Only a trace similar to our ancestors, a dramatic alteration of our offspring is already calculable, for within ten years our progeny will be of a genetically modified species.

Because of the rapid rise in technology and with the coalescence of medicine, science, and synthetic biology, during our lifetime everyone could become cyborgs. Enhanced humans will be robust and will have superior intellect, capable of creating wondrous inventions.

Beholden to a cloaked emissary from deep space – one who molds superheroes – the new human will no longer need God because every person will become a god.

We’re permanently altering the species made in God’s image, from neural prosthetics to human and animal chimeras. Based on the model of logical extension in both medical possibilities and prophetic probabilities, an unrestrained revolution is upon us, producing hybrids of species while destruction of the human race escalates.

Alastair’s odyssey projects a complex field of ideas, leaping over the stereotypical genre. The result is unprecedented in its Christian speculative category with its cutting-edge scientific and medical effusion. Examine a society’s soul and follow those seeking a profound, geographical “afterlife.”